Electronic Garage Sale

UPDATE: This listing is fairly obsolete. These days, I am primarily selling surplus stock on Ebay under the username "dsengr". 

This garage sale is electronic in both senses of the word. It is a sale of (mostly) electronic items and the sale is presented electronically. The garage and its contents, however, are not electronic; all items do exist in physical reality.

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Check back often. Many more items will be added. Unless otherwise noted, all items are located in Wallace, ID.  Sales to individuals will be for cash only or by check which must clear prior to shipment. Prices shown are to give you some rough idea of whether or not you might be interested. If you think the price is too high, email us with your offer and we might accept it. If you think our price is too low, keep your mouth shut and hope somebody else doesn't buy it first. Will also consider trades for "Wanted" items listed at bottom of this page. Industrial items are listed first, followed by household articles and automotive and industrial equipment.  A detailed list of new mil-surplus vehicle parts is on this page.  If no price is listed, make an offer. As they say on the car ads, "No reasonable offer refused!". If an item is accompanied with a camera (camera.gif (1682 bytes)) symbol, you can see a photo of it by clicking on the camera.

Integrated circuits:

Manufacturer Part No. Description Qty. Package
Motorola 74HC4002D Dual 4-input NOR 1876 SO-14
Various 6264 8K x 8 CMOS SRAM 80 DIP-28

We have quantities of many other ICs in addition to those listed above. Click here for a partial listing.

Attention hobbyists,
We also have small quantities of a great many 74LS, 74HC, 40XX series logic chips, 27XXX EPROMS, Hitachi 6303 CPU, Z80A, Z80CTC, op amps, special function analog including AD637. Most of these are from prototype overstocks or removed from sockets on PCBs. The 74HC241’s and 74HC4002’s listed above are new, unopened in manufacturer's original stick packaging. Pricing small quantities of ICs not explicitly listed in the table above will be 75% off of Digi-key's list price.

Also, lots of "new old stock" receiving tubes, unused flybacks for old tube TVs, and projector lamps, all in original boxes.

New surplus components other than ICs:

Manufacturer Part No. Description Qty.
Schaffner FN326-1/07 1 amp EMI filtered universal power cord socket 86
Fox   16 MHz Crystal 157
SI 1N3209 15Amp 100V rectifier, stud mount 50
Multi Products T66R-052300-0/2 5V 2.3Amp "lump" type regulated power supplies 24
Rose 03-050504-0 Gasketed polycarbonate boxes 2"x2"x1" with two 5/8" holes 125
Hitachi HD63B03YP 8-bit CPU, RAM, I/O, timers, SCI, 64-pin 8
Eiko 756 Miniature lamp, 14V .08 amp T3-1/4 470

Stepper motors: Various styles, all approx 2.5" dia x 2.5" long. Manufactured by Clifton Precision, RapidSyn, Superior Electric. Approx 30 units, mostly unused. $3 each

250 amp 2-pole circuit breakers, 400 amp frame, used, excellent condition, 10 available, $50 each. Comes with DC undervoltage lockout coil which trips breaker and prevents resetting if voltage is removed. This mechanism can easily be removed if so desired. Also includes 2 auxiliary contacts. List price on these General Electric breakers is about $2500 each.

Serious electronic equipment:

Quantum Dynamics N-11-ECS/3A Ultra-High-Precision Tachometer Calibration and Test System for Sale - click here for details

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Intermec 8625B bar code label printer $30 Intermec 8636 bar code label printer $50

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Intermec 9351 ruggedized bar code reader $20

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Intermec 9500 bar code reader, works with older "Duck" style HeNe laser scanners, or newer scanners. INS SNA/SDLC loop adapter (qty 3) (DNF) Intermec 9720 Wedge bar code readers (unused, but w/o wand), large qty, $10 ea.

camera.gif (1682 bytes) ConchaTherm III biomedical process temperature controller #38080R. Made by Hudson RCI. No probes included. 2 units.

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Liquid level transmitters. Made by Gems, 8' and 10' lengths, 304 stainless steel tube, Hycel float. Magnets in float close reed switches within sealed tube, tapping resistor string like a potentiometer. Unused, original cost $1000 each. Sell for $50 each, including nitrile-jacketed cable.

Circuit boards: Vast quantities of stuffed boards crammed with useable components. $.25 to $5.00 depending on desirability and removeability of parts. 25 cent boards have all components soldered in and don't contain any single really wonderful component. They still are great for art/craft projects and even if you only get a couple components off the board it's worth the money. Boards with relays, switches, transformers, many LED's, socketted memory or microprocessor chips are priced higher. Not interested in selling to scrap dealers who grind them up for the gold.

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Epson LQ1000 24-pin dot matrix printer, takes paper up to 15" wide, includes tractor-feed attachment and 5 spare ribbons. $20

(6) 8" floppy disk drives 

1MB ram expansion board for old PC (DNF) MDA/parallel port card (FTGH)

4 256K SIMMs (FTGH)

Automotive, truck, and other non-electronic things:

Click here for many other new military and civilian vehicle parts.

Military-style (sealed) spark plugs part no. MS35909-1. Five are Autolite 2243, one is Blue Crown SR6F20. They are interchangeable. Unused

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Fram C1666 hydraulic filter. 7 units, 

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Distributor rotors 25 units, 

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Mopar seal kit for Saginaw steering gear box. Unused, 6 units

camera.gif (1682 bytes) "Purging device, liquid oxygen converter". No, you probably don't need one for that purpose, but look at all the high-quality parts and deluxe tool case you get for cheap. The sets come in a great 12" x 16" x 5" 4-compartment steel case, just right for a portable drill, welding set, etc. They include some super-quality pressure hose and assorted brass fittings, and heavy duty 14 gage 3-wire power cord with two circuit-breaker switches, 15 amp ground adapter (cheater plug). These are brand new, in hermetically sealed packages, and cost the government thousands of dollars each. Made by Essex Cryogenics.

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Oil-type air cleaner assembly, includes mounting bracket. Unused

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Fuel sediment bowl / strainer / valve assemblies. Unused 

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Zenith carburetor for approx 10 HP motor, used on gen-sets. Unused 

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Square air filter element for small engines. Large quantity. Unused

camera.gif (1682 bytes) HMMWV (Hummer) PCV valve. Unused

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Truck air filter element. Unused 

camera.gif (1682 bytes) AC PF879 oil filter. Unused

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Caterpillar 8N9586 filter. Unused 

camera.gif (1682 bytes) Miscellaneous heavy equipment filters. Unused 

Assorted industrial motor controls (switches). Very rugged, sealed, well-used units off  a ship. Most have two or more momentary-contact pushbuttons and one or more indicator lights. Also some multi-pole low-current relay boxes, ship's alarm buzzers, and 120/240 volt 1kW transformers. All gear 60Hz. Inquire for details and prices.

FTGH: "Free To a Good Home"*
DNF: "Da(r)n Near Free"

*a good home is defined as someone who will actually use it for something electronical, i.e., not for target practice or as a boat anchor.

If you're interested in anything on this page, please email me.

Wanted: Parts for 1952 M-37 truck, mostly equivalent to any Dodge Powerwagon from the 1950's, specifically:

Air cleaner.
Inside door handle and door window crank handle.
Rear window frame for hardtop.
Side mirrors.
Gear and clutch lever for Braden winch.
9.00 X 16 NDT tires
1 16" 5-lug budd rim

Parts for M35A2 "deuce-and-a-half" military cargo trucks, especially front or rear winch, dump body, windshield wipers, good 9.00X20 NDT tires.

11.00X20 tires & 6-lug budd rims.

Rear winch setup for the M35. Ideally this would be include the correct rear PTO, driveline, sprockets, chain and rear winch such as from a M35 wrecker. 

Any transmission or transfer PTO for the M35 series with or without drivelines. Transmission PTO would fit Spicer 3052 or 3053 tranny.

Swage set for setting inserted teeth on large circular saw blade, and for crosscut saw, or any other saw filing accessories.

Fly-ball governor for steam engine, 2" (?) outlet. Safety valve for steam boiler, approx 130 psi.

Pelton wheel, approx. 9" to 15" dia., may be runner only or complete assembly. I know I can buy brand new ones for large amounts of money; I am looking for an old one with at least a useable runner. A working needle nozzle would be nice.

Thousands of feet of surplus PVC pipe, sch. 40 or 80, 4" or larger, cheap price, located near N. Idaho.

60 Hz wattmeter. 60 Hz synchros. Possible interest in other switchgear, panelboards, meters (especially wattmeters), transformers (power, or current), breakers, etc. The older, the better. Power levels from 1 to 60 KVA. Not interested in home service panel stuff unless free.

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