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Building the road ahead

While journalists, CEOs, and other pundits toss off "highway" metaphors by the truckload in their attempts to describe the modern revolution in information technology, one company is actually out there building the highway. Here we show you some of our recent work in the field and introduce the men who are doing it. We begin our portfolio with a view of our work on Robbins' hill.


Robbins' hill

Grading Robbins' hill near Feyrer park. Jim Hunt on the scraper, George and Oscar Striker on the steam donkey. Anybody can blather on and on about where one thnks the road ahead will lead, and if one's richer than several third-world countries combined, one can flatter oneself into thinking that just talking will make it happen. However,  there'll be no road ahead until somebody moves some dirt. While others are talking, Mr. Hunt and the Striker brothers are doing just that, and doing it very well.

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