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 Welcome to the home page of Wavesmith™ and the David Sherman Engineering Company.

Click for a larger viewWavesmith is a versatile analog waveform development system which allows you to quickly and accurately develop waveforms for electronic design and manufacturing test applications. While there are many good signal analysis and general purpose math programs available, Wavesmith was designed from the bottom up as an analog waveform development system.

To find out more about Wavesmith or to download a demo version, select the appropriate link to the left.

While you're here, pick up your FREE copy of SoundArb, a program created by David Sherman Engineering Co. which turns a standard PC sound card into a rudimentary function generator. SoundArb was featured as a Design Idea in  EDN magazine.

Note: The Wavesmith product has been sold to Analogic Corporation, Peabody MA.  Inquiries should be directed to Scott Walsh, (978)977-3000 extension 3260. We are continuing to extend and enhance Wavesmith and couple it closely to Analogic's line of VXI-based arbitrary waveform generators and digitizers.

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