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Wavesmith™ Analog Waveform Development System


Wavesmith is a complete analog waveform development system which enables you to quickly design complex analog test waveforms. Wavesmith is designed for use with arbitrary waveform generators or other instruments or software requiring an analog waveform. It runs on Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, and NT operating systems.

Any function generator can give you a clean sine wave, but it takes an arbitrary waveform generator with Wavesmith to give you a dirty wave with precisely realistic distortion, glitches, and noise.

Mathematical features:

You expect a waveform editor to allow you to generate standard waveforms. Wavesmith does this, of course, and with the easiest-to-use and most accurate user-interface available. Wavesmith also gives you access to a rich set of mathematical operations to modify, transform, and combine existing waves.

  • Unique precise graphical method for specifying standard waveforms allows standard waves to be inserted and edited "by eye" with only two mouse clicks or with full mathematical precision by typing in exact coordinates.
  • Versatile zooming capability, along with a special "map" view, makes it easy to see just the portion of the wave on which you are working, without losing track of your position within the entire wave.
  • Waveform coordinates can be displayed in raw "hardware" units (sample number and DAC counts) or in fully-customizable "real-world" units.
  • 8 different plotting modes ensure that you see exactly what you want to see.
  • Built-in "point-and-click" standard waveforms and math commands:
  • Generate sine, square, triangle, sawtooth and user-defined repetitive waves; rectangular, triangular, Gaussian, exponential and sine(x)/x pulses. Also generate parabolas, noise, frequency-modulated sine waves, harmonic series' and code 39 bar code
  • Copy, swap, add, subtract, multiply, divide, convolve, invert, find absolute value, scale, normalize, clip, filter waves, transform with arbitrary transfer function, and more.
  • Modify and combine digital waves using all standard logical operations.
  • Sketch and draw waveforms just like you would draw lines and curves in a graphical "paint" program.
  • Word-processor-style search/replace commands add advanced matching criteria.
  • Work in frequency domain in polar or rectangular coordinates and transform to and from time domain using FFT.
  • "Limits" wave makes it easy to generate high/low test limits, and "Stereo" wave helps with audio waveforms.
  • Complete equation development system allows you to write equations to generate all or part of a wave.

Usability features:

There’s more to a complete development system than simply a list of standard waveforms and mathematical operations. Designing waveforms, like all engineering work, is an iterative process. Wavesmith makes it easy to make small adjustments, correct mistakes and quickly find the information you need to make the best use of Wavesmith’s advanced features.

  • Full "undo" capability lets you "unwind" changes one step at a time.
  • Customizable tool bars give you instant access to your most frequently used commands.
  • Measurement commands measure points on waves and compute peak-to-peak value, mean, area, standard deviation, RMS value, and checksum.
  • Sequence programming capability allows you to define a composite waveform in terms of a number of repetitions of a various other waveforms.
  • Extensive context-sensitive on-line help.
  • 200+page manual with a thorough tutorial section, complete command reference, and many detailed real-world examples.

Connectivity features:

  • Familiar and versatile clipboard-based cut and paste commands manually exchange data with other software.
  • Highly flexible text file formats read or write data in virtually any other program’s text file format.
  • Read and write PCM wave audio (.wav) files and control a PC sound card like a function generator.
  • Built-in interactive instrument drivers available for a growing number of supported instruments.
  • Fully-documented DDE support allows you to program automated data exchanges with other software.
  • File I/O DLL and DOS command-line utility allow your other test software to easily read and modify Wavesmith files.
  • Integrated instrument driver "hooks" provide the advanced programmer with fast and flexible access to Wavesmith’s internal data structures.

For a tour of the Wavesmith screens, click here.  For more information, contact David Sherman Engineering Co., 727 33rd St. Everett WA 98201. Email sales@SlateCreekEngineering.com or phone (425)258-4083. You may download a free functional demo version of Wavesmith from www.SlateCreekEngineering.com.

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